Success Stories

Göliska IT enhances customer services while cutting costs

Göliska IT is responsible for a wide range of IT capabilities, including hardware devices, software, and technical support. To deliver value to Swedish taxpayers, the company is always looking for innovative ways to enhance its efficiency.

Christer Dahlberg, Systems Specialist at Göliska IT, explains:

“We were looking for a management tool that could handle customer invoicing for IT services, provide greater control over our customers’ IT operations and infrastructure, and make it easier to manage contracts and software licenses. The aim was to spend less time on manual, repetitive work in these areas, and more time on value-added services for our customers.”

After a thorough evaluation of several leading IT asset management solutions, Göliska IT determined that Clearpulse was the optimal solution to enable the target capabilities.

Göliska IT deployed Clearpulse Asset Management as its central solution for the end-to-end asset management process and adapted its internal business processes to support the new way of working. Thanks to the scalable, modular design of Clearpulse, the organization had the flexibility to deploy the highest-priority asset management capabilities during the initial implementation – safe in the knowledge it can augment the solution with additional capabilities at a later date.

Göliska IT is highly satisfied with the outcomes of the project. Christer Dahlberg confirms:

“Thanks to Clearpulse, we are now able to offer more accurate and well-documented information to our customers about their IT assets and give them a tool to keep track of their assets and expenses in greater detail.”

Clearpulse Asset Management is helping Göliska IT to make significant time and cost savings. With a central platform to manage devices, software, documentation, lifecycle data—and to assign the costs to customers—the organization has reduced its operational spend while making more time for front-line service delivery.

Users across Göliska IT have praised Clearpulse Asset Management for its ease of management. Christer Dahlberg concludes:

“It was very pleasant to do business with Clearpulse. Whenever we needed support and guidance during the implementation, the Clearpulse team was always ready to help.”


With Clearpulse, you get a clear and flexible pricing model—helping to ensure you only pay for what you need.

As a result, Clearpulse offers best-of-breed, enterprise-class IT asset management capabilities: without the enterprise price tag.

For a single monthly or annual license fee based on the number of IT devices in your environment, you get access to all the capabilities of Clearpulse IT Asset Management. Software-as-a-Service options are also available—contact Clearpulse today to discuss the best option for you.