Catalog your technology & allocate costs

(on-prem or cloud)

Why Clearpulse?

Your IT assets are crucial to the smooth running of your business. However, keeping track of every desktop, laptop and mobile device—and the software installed on each of them—can be a tough challenge.

Clearpulse is a powerful but easy-to-use IT asset management solution that empowers businesses to catalog every device on their network and manage them from a single point. With Clearpulse IT Asset Management software, your business can instantly identify and act on potential security and compliance risks.

Better still, Clearpulse lets you go further. Clearpulse allows you to allocate your IT spend for hardware and software assets to each cost center in a clear, fine-grained way. Armed with this insight, your business can uncover opportunities for cost-savings, identify possible IT dependency risks, and drive strategic supplier management.

Success Stories

Göliska IT enhances customer services

To help its lean team deliver vital digital services to five municipalities across southern Sweden, shared services provider Göliska IT aimed to reduce the time it spent on manual, repetitive IT asset management tasks. Read the success story to learn how Clearpulse IT Asset Management is empowering Göliska IT to enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and support higher-quality customer services.

“After Clearpulse has been taken in use we are able to offer more accurate and well-documented information to our customers about their IT assets and give them a tool to keep track of their assets and expenses in greater detail.”

Christer Dahlberg
Systems specialist | Göliska IT


Clearpulse IT Asset Manager

Clearpulse IT Asset Manager uses advanced automation to rapidly bring together all the information you need to make well-informed operational and commercial IT decisions.

The solution combines information on costs and contracts with a full inventory of all your software and hardware, enabling a data-driven approach to IT lifecycle management.

Clearpulse Software Asset Manager

Licensing can pose complex challenges for businesses, especially if the corporate IT policy allows users to choose which software to install on their devices.

Clearpulse Software Asset Manager shows all the software in use across the business, together with the relevant contract and licensing data. The result? Fast and accurate confirmation that your business is complying with all software licensing requirements, and the ability to cut out unnecessary spend on duplicate or unused software licenses.

Clearpulse Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

For IT architects, information on technical debt and system dependencies is key to building digital systems that deliver rock-solid service reliability.

Based on an intuitive graphical interface, Clearpulse CMDB presents a clear view of all IT infrastructure components and their dependencies—simplifying the change management process and enabling faster remediation of technical issues.

Clearpulse Finance Manager

For internal IT service providers, timely insight into the usage of IT assets is crucial to enable accurate billing, as well as effective budgeting and forecasting for future hardware and software requirements.

With Clearpulse Finance Manager, organizations can manage internal billing for IT assets from an intuitive, central dashboard. The solution is easy to integrate with ERP systems, enabling automated billing and advanced analytics reporting capabilities.

Clearpulse Contract Manager

IT organizations often depend on agreements with external suppliers to deliver services cost-effectively: including warranties, support contacts, and service-level agreements.

To enable strategic supplier management, Clearpulse Contract Manager brings together relevant information in these areas for all software and hardware assets. The solution creates a clear overview of contract terms, durations and costs, enabling more productive supplier negotiations.

Clearpulse Mobile Device Manager

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more deeply embedded in daily business operations—but making sure that mobile devices are compliant with corporate IT policies and deprovisioned when employees leave the company can create time-consuming manual work.

Clearpulse Mobile Device Manager offers an accurate registry of every mobile device, its owner, and installed software, helping to ensure compliance. Clearpulse even allows for remote deployment and wiping of mobile devices, enhancing information security.

How Does it Work?

Getting started with Clearpulse IT Asset Management couldn’t be easier.

Simply install the lightweight Clearpulse agent on your devices, and you’ll start receiving actionable, fine-grained intelligence. This includes the number and type of IT devices, installed software and their version numbers, and contract information across your estate.


Equipped with this information, your business can make IT decisions based on insight, not instinct. Identify and decommission unneeded assets to shrink the attack surface, replace costly devices with more efficient options, eliminate unnecessary spend on duplicate or unused software licenses, and optimize your overall investment in software and hardware assets.


With Clearpulse, you get a clear and flexible pricing model—helping to ensure you only pay for what you need.

As a result, Clearpulse offers best-of-breed, enterprise-class IT asset management capabilities: without the enterprise price tag.

For a single monthly or annual license fee based on the number of IT devices in your environment, you get access to all the capabilities of Clearpulse IT Asset Management. Software-as-a-Service options are also available—contact Clearpulse today to discuss the best option for you.